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Institutional subscription to SpringerMaterials – the leading database in the field of materials science.

We have an institutional subscription to the leading database in the field of materials science.



Your organisation has an institutional subscription to SpringerMaterials – the leading database in the field of materials science. As a result, you have complimentary access to this invaluable data resource.

Take 2 minutes now to check out SpringerMaterials for yourself. You’re sure to find that it saves you valuable time researching materials and their properties.

And don't forget - everyone at your organisation has access. So tell your colleagues too!


Visit SpringerMaterials


We’ve recently made a number of major upgrades to the platform. These include:


1. An incredible increase in content

We continue to digitize a huge number of Landolt-Börnstein volumes, including:

  • 8 semiconductor volumes – containing 180 unique substances, 547 properties and over 1 million data points 
  • 20 physical chemistry volumes – covering properties like density, dielectric constant, surface tension, viscosity and diffusion 
  • 3 polymer solutions volumes – yielding 19,500+ unique substances and 300,000+ data points
  • And 7 more highly-anticipated volumes. Find out more...

Plus, we’ve added a SpringerMaterials Fundamentals volume on Engineered Cementitious Composites.

And the inorganic materials section has also been significantly expanded and now includes:

  • A whopping 11,800+ crystal structures
  • 11,000 data values for numerous physical and chemical properties
  • Over 1,000 new phase diagrams for binary and ternary alloys

2. Significant improvements to functionality

  • SpringerMaterials Interactive now has a more user-friendly landing page and graphs. Which should ensure you get the information you need in minimal clicks.
  • It’s now easy for you to provide feedback about SpringerMaterials - just look for the 'Give feedback' button at the top of any page. View an example... 
  • All new data is now tagged as 'Recently added'  - making it simple for you to identify the latest information. View an example...
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